From the legendary AMG Hammer to the lesser known unicorn Koenig Specials 560 SEC, The Patina Collective is home to the world's most unique and influential Mercedes-Benz. We are not car guys though. We are culture guys. We appreciate these cars for their cultural relevance and the eras of Miami Vice and 80s opulence that they symbolize. The rarest tuner Mercedes from SGS Styling Garage, ABC Exclusive, Koenig Specials, RennTech, Brabus, pre-merger AMG, Gemballa, Maybach, and more, all lie within our Mercedes collection in Boca Raton, Florida. Benz culture runs deep in our blood and we aim to share with you all our passion, knowledge, and dedication to keeping these widebody cars alive. This is more than a car collection for us - more than a vintage Mercedes collection - it is a preservation of global cultural history!