We all know AMG for its amazing contributions to racing and of course the Mercedes Brand, but in order to fuel its growth during the 80s and 90s AMG was the chosen Mercedes customization shop for the worlds global elite. They offered cars to anyone who was looking to go fast in style and had the limitless funds to pay for it.

Come join the Patina Collective at our Museum Location for a 3 day exclusive experience during Miami F1 week as we share the "Unauthorized History of AMG" and the history of their most radical multi-million dollar, one of a kind vehicles ranging from the legendary Hammer , Royalty Built Limousines and the Worlds Fasted Minivan.

With over 40 Rare vehicles on display that detail the untold history of AMG and their global clientele.




We are obsessed with vintage Mercedes-Benz and its significance in shaping culture for the second half of the 20th century.

Our collection is made up of vintage, custom and rare tuner Benzs people don't even know exist - Koenig Specials, Gemballa, SGS Styling Garage, RennTech, Brabus, AMG, Maybach, and many others.

Custom Benz is our wheelhouse, and we want to curate these cars, tell their stories, and share them all with you.